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JUNE 06-07

International Polynesian
Arts Festival

Aloha and welcome to


Dear dancing sisters from all over the world, you are invited to join Bucharest Aloha Dance Fest, second edition, on June 06-07, 2020, in the beautiful country of Romania.

This is an event you cannot miss this autumn, especially if you’ve ever dreamed about dancing bare feet on exotic beaches golden sand. Imagine your hips swaying on the rhythm of the ocean waves… you dancing in the shade of a bushy palm tree, bathing in the sunny rays of a spectacular sunset. Pearls of happiness. A magical experience. 

At Bucharest Aloha Dance Fest we help you feel the Tropical Paradise inside your soul. We connect within our heart to the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, through the sacred art of the Hula DanceYou’re invited to be part of our art-family (ohana). Learn and enjoy special workshops. Party in tropical style! Let’s share the love & joy of a unique experience of Polynesian dance gathering in Europe.

Meet the teachers

Kanoe Kahaku

Kumu hula from USA California

Kanoe is our special guest teacher, coming at Bucharest Aloha Dance Fest all the way from USA, California, city of San Jose. She is a dance teacher and performer at her family-owned school, Hālau Nā Wai Ola. She is also the lead singer of Hawaiian Royalty live band (good reggae vibes & pure islands rhythms).

Beautiful, talented and highly-skilled, she has won more than 20 titles, 1st & 2nd prizes, in her 20 years of dancing experience.

Join lovely Kanoe at Bucharest Aloha Dance Fest 2019 where she will teach both traditional and modern Hawaiian dance (hula kahiko & hula auana), as well as percussion workshop for dancers with ipu & pu’ili (gourd & split bamboo sticks).

Amira Hayam

Bucharest Romania

As a certified teacher & choreographer specialized in Polynesian and Oriental dances, Amira reveals new ways of expression through dance, as a sacred art resembling a euphoric meditation in movement.

She loves to share her great passion for dancing by helping women of all ages in their journey of a conscious feminine and healthy lifestyle with beauty inside out. 

Founder and artistic director of Bucharest Aloha Dance Fest, Amira wants to bring the beauty and the ritual of the hula dance, to Romania. Join her workshops to find out about flower garlands and their connection with Aloha. Then discover the basics of hula steps and learn an easy-to-follow choreography that you can dance every time you miss Hawaii (or your Paradise Islands) or you witness an amazing rainbow. 

Festival Agenda

Saturday 06 June

14:00 - 15:30 Crafts Workshop: Make your Own Flower Jewelry

Saturday 14:00 – 15:30 (90 minutes)

Crafts Workshop: Make your Own Flower Jewelry / Aloha greeting & Lei making

Trainers: Amira Hayam / Romania (Bucharest) with surprise special guest (floral artist)

Guided and inspired by the Aloha Philosophy, we learn how to make beautiful garlands, wreaths and bracelets, the Hawaiian style. You will have the occasion, the knowledge and the instruments to make your own Hawaiian Lei during this workshop. The teacher will bring all the necessary materials, including (but not limited to) natural and artificial flowers.

Price: 35 eur

16:00 - 17:30 Dance Workshop: Modern Hawaiian Hula with Amira

Saturday 16:00 – 17:30 (90 minutes)

Dance Workshop: Introduction to Modern Hawaiian Dance, the hula auana style / technique & choreography 

Dance teacher: Amira Hayam / Romania (Bucharest)

In this workshop we learn the very basics of Hawaiian Dance. We begin by getting familiar with the fundamentals technique such as general rules, steps and arm movements of Hula. Then we learn and practise an easy choreography for one of the most popular modern Hawaiian songs of all times. We will have the opportunity to perform this group choreography at Sunday evening Gala Show.

Price: 35 eur

18:00 - 19:30 Dance Workshop: Traditional Hawaiian Hula with Kanoe

Saturday 18:00 – 19:30 (90 minutes)

Dance Workshop: Introduction to Traditional Hawaiian Dance, the hula kahiko style / technique & choreography

Dance teacher / Kumu hula: Kanoe Kahaku / USA (California & Hawaii)

This ancient hula workshop will teach the basics of traditional hula dance as well as an ancient hula kahiko choreography to accompany. ʻŌlapa (dancers) will learn the manaʻo, the story behind the mele (song), and perform to live chanting and percussion.

Level: beginner & intermediate

Price: 35 eur

Sunday 07 June

14:00 - 15:30 Dance Workshop: Modern Hawaiian Hula with Kanoe

Sunday 14:00 – 15:30 (90 minutes) 

Dance Workshop: Modern Hawaiian Dance, hula auana / technique & choreography

Dance teacher / Kumu hula: Kanoe Kahaku / USA (California & Hawaii)

In this workshop we will learn a modern hula choreography, combining footwork wih hip movements, as well as gracefull hula hands technique and practise. 

Level: beginner & intermediate

Price: 35 eur

16:00 - 17:00 Percussion Workshop: Rhythms of Polynesian Islands

Sunday 16:00 – 17:00 (60 minutes) 

Percussion Workshop: Rhythms of Polynesian Islands

Dance teacher / Kumu hula: Kanoe Kahaku / USA (California & Hawaii)

As dancers, we need to properly understand the music and the rhythms in order to express through dance. This workshop helps us in making easier and more conscious our relationship with the music that we dance.

Level: beginner & intermediate

Price: 35 eur

19:30 - 22:00 Hula Dance Show & Aloha After-Party

Hula Show & Aloha Party

Experience the Mana (energy) of Polynesian dances at our amazing Sunday Evening Gala Show! Performances by: special guest dance teacher & kumu hula Kanoe Kahaku from USA, festival organiser Amira Hayam and her students of Aloha Dance Academy.

The show will be followed by a tropical style party opened to all the festival participants: teachers, students, spectators, thier friends and families.

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Ticket: 7 eur


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Aloha After-Party

Show & Party Ticket 7€

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